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Why are all through the Chinese motorcycle parts wholesalers to purchase motorcycle parts?

Motorcycle parts export

In 2020, China’s motorcycle parts exports reached $550 million, up 42.5% year on year.The demand for Chinese motorcycle parts is growing rapidly in many countries around the world.Why are all through the Chinese motorcycle parts wholesalers to purchase motorcycle parts, let’s have an in-depth understanding of the reasons.

1.COVID-19 has hit the world, and the global manufacturing industry has also suffered a major blow. China’s motorcycle parts manufacturing industry bucked the market and stood out.

Motorcycle demand

After 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the global economy on hold, and the global industrial sector is facing unprecedented difficulties.Due to China’s excellent epidemic control, the industry stopped production in February, and China’s exports have dropped considerably.Exports narrowed briefly in March and April;An overseas epidemic occurred in May Sentiment spread, the decline in shipping capacity, a sharp decline in exports and other adverse factors after the impression.

Since June, the export volume of Motorcycle parts in China has grown rapidly, and has maintained a good development state so far.At this time, other countries and regions are still suffering from the epidemic, and China is the same as Moldova.

The Indian market, one of the two big countries in supporting car parts export, has declined sharply to accelerate the growth of China’s motorcycle parts industry export.In China bacame the world ‘s largest motorcycle market, this article introduces the development of China’s motorcycle accessories industry after COVID-19.

2.With a complete manufacturing system and mature technology, China’s manufacturing of motorcycle parts is less dependent on other countries.While ensuring the quality, the price also has advantages in the international motorcycle parts market.

Motorcycle parts production line

A motorcycle has thousands of parts, and many parts supply systems are needed.After decades of development, China’s motorcycle industry is highly differentiated in production. It has the most complete and perfect motorcycle parts manufacturing system in the world, which reduces logistics time cost and is almost self-sufficient without relying on other countries’ supply system.India’s motorcycle industry still imports many parts from China.This has also enabled China’s motorcycle parts industry to quickly return to normal and maintain a good growth trend under the impact of COVID-19.

3. Almost all the world’s famous motorcycle brands have cooperative manufacturers in China, and motorcycle parts are complete.

Why are all through the Chinese motorcycle parts wholesalers to purchase motorcycle parts?

In China, we can basically purchase accessories of all well-known motorcycle brands, because most motorcycle manufacturers have cooperative relations with Chinese motorcycles to establish cooperative brands.For example: HAOJUESUZUKI, WUYANG – HONDA, JIANSHE – YAMAHA, QIANJIANGBENALI, LONGCIN – BMW.A lot of it has to do with China Brands that do not have cooperative relationships also rely on motorcycle parts imported from China, so they also have corresponding vehicle parts, such as BAJAJ and TVS.

4.China’s stable socio-economic environment is conducive to the long-term development of manufacturing industry.

China Development

China’s economy has been developing steadily for decades, and the government’s policies on manufacturing have been effective for a long time.China’s domestic transportation, water, electricity supply is sufficient and perfect, which makes the motorcycle parts manufacturing industry has been stable development, will not be subject to internal environmental factors produce big changes.

5.China has a huge demand market, which is conducive to the development of manufacturing industry.

A large number of people

China has a population of about 1.4 billion, and many products are in high domestic demand.The motorcycle industry in China has grown to its current size thanks to a huge domestic market.Even if the current domestic demand for motorcycles in China decreases, China’s motorcycle industry has been very perfect and mature, relying on foreign markets still continue to survive and develop.