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How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China?

Motorcycle parts export

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial products, and motorcycle parts occupy a large share of the world. After decades of development, China’s motorcycle accessories have covered most of the models on sale. Most influential motorcycle models can be purchased in China.

Some motorcycle manufacturers in other countries will even purchase some parts from China because they do not have the ability to produce high-precision parts. Therefore, if you are in the motorcycle industry, no matter which country you sell or repair any motorcycle in, it is best to understand the Chinese motorcycle accessories market. Below we will introduce from several aspects the way of wholesale motorcycle parts from China and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Ⅰ. Offline channels.

Offline is the traditional way of product procurement. Early communication is inconvenient, especially for cross-border procurement. Only send people to conduct on-site inspections, discuss cooperation face-to-face, and sign agreements.

The advantage of offline channels is that it can reduce communication barriers, visit factories and products directly, and obtain the most authentic factory and product information.

The disadvantage is that the time spent and capital cost are relatively high. It is best to have a certain understanding of motorcycle accessories and the Chinese market. In order to purchase motorcycle parts more conveniently, some powerful large companies have opened offices in China to handle supplies from China and even Asia for a long time. Now due to the ravages of new coronary pneumonia, offline channels have also continued to be sluggish.

The offline channels for purchasing motorcycle parts are mainly divided into four types: motorcycle parts factories, motorcycle fairs, motorcycle wholesale markets, and foreign trade companies.

1. Motorcycle parts factory.

How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China? Mr-STRONG’s motorcycle parts cooperative factory

If you have strong strength, professional purchasing personnel, and a good understanding of the Chinese market, you can try to cooperate with direct factories.

Parts factories are divided into original factories (OEM) and non-original factories (other factories). Motorcycle parts in China are divided into four grades: original factory, A-grade, B-grade, and C-grade. Many motorcycle brands also supply parts in addition to the whole vehicle. These brand manufacturers provide the best parts-original parts.

Due to the best quality and large brand of original accessories, the price is relatively high, which many people cannot afford. This has caused the wholesale market for non-original accessories to become more and more popular. The A grade of non-original parts has the best quality. Good A-grade quality is close to the original parts, and the price will be much cheaper than the original parts.

The quality of B-grade and C-grade accessories is getting worse and worse, and of course the price is also cheaper. MR-STRONG provides A-level accessories with quality close to the original accessories, our suppliers are all top processing factories in China. Such as zhengjinggong piston Co., Ltd and Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd. They only produce high-quality parts. If you need accessories with good quality and lower prices than the original factory, then it is also recommended that you purchase A-level accessories.

The advantage of cooperating with motorcycle parts factories is that you can negotiate a relatively favorable price. However, there must be sufficient strength, that is, the order quantity is large enough, and the product value is high enough, the factory will consider giving good discounts on the price.

Many manufacturing industries in China, including motorcycle parts, are highly segmented. There may be hundreds of factories responsible for supplying different parts for a motorcycle. Generally, super wholesalers and foreign trade companies directly cooperate with parts factories. If you need a wide variety of accessories, then you need to have procurement personnel who have a better understanding of the Chinese market to connect with each accessory supplier.

Otherwise, even if you contact the required parts factory, there will be a series of problems such as chaotic delivery cycle, shoddy products, and high product prices.
t prices.

2. Motorcycle fairs.

How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China? Motorcycle exhibitions can also find cooperation opportunities

Every year, China regularly holds a number of trade fairs to facilitate the development of cooperation in the motorcycle and parts industries at home and abroad. Among these exhibitions, the more famous ones are: China International Motorcycle Expo, China Import and Export Fair, etc.

Motorcycle fairs will start at a fixed time, and exhibitors need a certain threshold. This allows manufacturers and foreign trade companies with certain strength to participate in the exhibition, which greatly facilitates the cooperation between powerful foreign dealers and Chinese motorcycle manufacturers and traders. Finding suitable partners from many exhibitors still requires a certain understanding of the Chinese accessories industry.

The fair was unable to develop preliminary relationships with many accessory suppliers in just a few days. The short and fixed development time every year also greatly limits the customers who may have procurement needs at any time.

The fair is more suitable for powerful customers to purchase a few types of motorcycle parts or find alternative suppliers.

3. Motorcycle accessories market.

Complex motorcycle parts wholesale market Complex motorcycle parts wholesale market

China has a motorcycle parts market. Motorcycle dealers and some foreign trade companies will open stores here. It has been open for a long time in the motorcycle and motorcycle parts market. The large wholesale market basically has all kinds of parts and complete vehicles, which is convenient for domestic and foreign customers to buy at any time. Some freight forwarders will go directly to the motorcycle parts market to purchase orders with a large variety and a relatively small quantity.

The disadvantage is that the barriers to entry for the motorcycle parts market are low, and there is a mixed bag. If a small-batch order is entrusted to a freight forwarder to purchase, the forwarder company will directly shoddy it in the motorcycle parts market in order to save time and earn more profits. If you need a high-quality and complete range of accessories, you need to spend a lot of time in the market to select and negotiate with the person in charge of the store. After the new crown epidemic, as the travel between countries is severely restricted, the formerly prosperous motorcycle parts market has also begun to become deserted, and many stores have been closed without popularity.

4. Foreign trade company.

 摩托车配件外贸公司 Motorcycle accessories foreign trade company Looking for a suitable motorcycle parts foreign trade company is also a good method

Foreign trade companies are more common in China’s export industry, including motorcycle parts wholesale. After years of development, they have become a mature and stable link in the motorcycle parts wholesale system. For customers who are inconvenient to come to China frequently or are not familiar with the Chinese market, foreign trade companies can meet their needs well. Foreign trade companies will provide various models and quality accessories according to their business directions.

Powerful foreign trade companies will have a large number of parts factories as their partners. A strong foreign trade company can negotiate a more affordable price with the supplier based on the order quantity, and can guarantee the delivery time, product quality, and product quantity. A reliable foreign trade company will strictly control every link of manufacturing, packaging, loading, and customs transportation, and use its own expertise and accumulation in the Chinese motorcycle parts market to solve all problems for customers.

Of course, there are also foreign trade companies with insufficient strength that cannot guarantee product quality and delivery time. This requires careful selection and time to accumulate trust.

Ⅱ. Network channels.

With the development of network communication and other technologies, people can now browse all kinds of information without going out to communicate with people on the other side of the world. This has led to the gradual development of wholesale motorcycle parts through the Internet.

Even for industries that rely heavily on offline procurement, they will first communicate through the Internet and have a preliminary understanding of products and markets before continuing to communicate through on-site contacts.

China’s motorcycle parts manufacturing industry is not greatly affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but the new crown has severely hindered the exchanges between countries and people. Many motorcycle parts dealers in various countries around the world are beginning to face a serious supply crisis, and the online wholesale industry has further grown in this environment.

The network channels for motorcycle parts procurement are mainly divided into three types: b2b network platform, parts factory network platform, foreign trade company network platform, and freight forwarding company platform.

1. B2B network platform.

How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China? Platforms with strong financial resources often occupy the best position

The b2b network platform has a history of more than ten years in China. The more famous b2b platforms include Amazon, Alibaba International Station, Made-in-China, etc. These platforms have developed to the point where they are close to industry monopolies. These platforms are well-known and have many choices, and many people in the industry have contacted or heard of them. These platforms also spend huge advertising expenses every year to promote their platforms. With huge page views, sky-high advertising fees, and top promoters,when using various browsers to search for various keywords including “motorcycle parts wholesale”, these platforms will almost certainly appear on the first page of the search results. It is more convenient to find motorcycle parts wholesale through these b2b platforms. After entering the platform, there are also a large number of online shops to choose products.

However, competition is fierce as the number of stores increases, and many stores maliciously lower prices in order to obtain orders. For the sake of its own performance, the platform also charges a large amount of fees to the shops every year. Generally, the rent of a shop requires several thousand dollars a year. These platforms will also provide services for paying to purchase traffic. When Google searches for related products on the platform, paid shops and products are displayed first.

The seller first needs to pay the shop rent. If the shop has no enquiry, you may need to spend money to buy a priority display. Even if you get a quote, you need to compete with many peers and win orders by reducing prices. Every link will cost a huge amount of money. Many people began to gradually reduce the quality of production in order to make profits. Some sellers cannot bear most of the profits was consumed by the b2b platform and malicious price cuts, and was unwilling to reduce product quality for the sake of brand and reputation, so he began to promote the brand through his own online platform and sell products wholesale.

2. The network platform of the accessory factory.

How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China? You can know from the factory’s official website that his products are single

Some powerful accessory factories have their own network promotion platform. When customers come into contact with these platforms, they will face a series of problems like direct contact with factories, such as single product, delivery cycle quality, and so on. Due to the difficulty of contact, these problems will become more serious. It is only recommended that parts distributors with certain strength and professional purchasers contact the factory directly.

3. Network platform of foreign trade company.

How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China? MR-STRONG’s official website is simple and beautiful, but there are many kinds of accessories

Foreign trade companies focus on communicating with suppliers and customers, and have relatively stable and reliable publicity channels on the Internet. Reliable foreign trade companies can use only one inquiry sheet, rely on their own powerful supply system, and solve a series of follow-up problems for customers through standard procedures, and finally provide products with stable quality on time. Due to internal problems, some suppliers in the industry will constantly attract new customers and encourage them to place orders; on the other hand, they will occupy deposits and delay.They took a long time to place an order to the factory, and even deliberately handed it over to inferior suppliers for production in order to make more profits. A series of problems such as delivery delays and unreliable quality have occurred.

In order to avoid these situations, it is necessary to carefully select reliable motorcycle parts wholesale company. Even MR-STORNG is not perfect. In two of the delivery verifications, the customer found that the quantity of individual products was lacking. In order not to affect the customer’s business, MR-STORNG immediately paid for the postage to help customers fill in the missing products. Then investigate the cause between the supply factory and the loading personnel.MR-STRONG has no relevant problems now. In addition, MR-STRONG has never had any problems with delivery time and product quality.

4. Freight forwarding company platform.

Freight forwarding companies are also common in China. In addition to motorcycle parts wholesale, they also provide various wholesale services such as clothing, building materials, and department stores. They take orders from almost all industries. If you are not strong enough and have no knowledge of China’s wholesale industry, you can try to cooperate with freight forwarders.

However, freight forwarders are unable to deeply understand the supply chains of various industries due to the numerous industries involved. When there are relatively few and various orders, they will be bought directly from the wholesale market. This quality cannot be guaranteed. When encountering larger orders, they will rely on the supply chain of the foreign trade company and purchase directly from the foreign trade company. Whether it is going to the wholesale market or relying on foreign trade companies, the price of accessories will rise due to one more link, and the quality of the product will become more uncontrollable.

Concluding remarks

Wholesale motorcycle parts from China is very advantageous in variety, price, and delivery, but you must think carefully and carefully select the supply channel that meets your needs, otherwise it may cause serious losses.

MR-STRONG is a Chinese motorcycle parts brand that focuses on original quality motorcycle parts. It belongs to a powerful motorcycle parts foreign trade company. We have in-depth cooperation with more than 500 high-quality parts suppliers such as Zhenting Jinggong piston Co., Ltd, Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd, etc. MR-STRONG provides original quality motorcycle parts wholesale and new model parts development services. Mr. Wang, the founder, has been engaged in the foreign trade of motorcycle parts for more than ten years. He has extensive foreign trade experience in the wholesale of motorcycle parts in China. If you want to know more about wholesale motorcycle parts in China, welcome to get in touch with us.


How to wholesale motorcycle parts from China?