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8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

Vulnerable parts refer to parts with a short service life. If the wearing parts of the motorcycle are not replaced in time, it will not only damage the vehicle, but also leave hidden dangers to driving safety. So, for the wearing parts of motorcycles, how long should they be replaced after use? Different brands have different provisions on the warranty period of wearing parts, ranging from the shortest three months to one year or from 3000 kilometers to 20,000 kilometers. Because the damage of wearing parts is difficult to define, the warranty period is much shorter than that of the whole vehicle. For example, glass, light bulbs, wipers, brake pads, etc., it is difficult to determine whether it is caused by improper use by the owner.

1. Brake pads

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

The replacement cycle is about 30,000 kilometers!

The quality of the brake pads is related to the safety of the people in the car and must not be ignored. The front brake pads of disc brake motorcycles are checked and replaced every 15,000 kilometers, and the rear brake pads are replaced every 30,000 kilometers. The brakes are vigorous when riding, and the brake pads wear quickly. Replace the front brake pads about 10,000 kilometers. Check the brake pads every 5000 kilometers. The thickness of the new brake pads is generally about 1cm. When the thickness is only about 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.3cm), it is ready to be replaced at any time. In addition, the brake disc is more wear-resistant than the brake pads. When replacing the brake pads 2-3 times, replace the brake disc once.

2. Battery

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

The replacement cycle is 30,000 kilometers or 2-3 years!

Although there is power loss during the running of the motorcycle, the battery is charged at the same time. After the flame is turned off, the battery is equivalent to stopping charging and blindly discharging, accelerating the loss of electrolyte vaporization. After the flame is turned off, relying on the battery power for a long time to maintain the sound system operation will also increase the burden. Generally, the original battery of a new car can be used for more than 3 years. If it has been used for almost two years, pay attention to it.

3. Spark plug

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

The replacement cycle is 10,000-20 thousand kilometers!

Spark plugs can cause difficulty in cold start of the car, a sense of frustration, idling jitter when driving, reduced engine acceleration performance, insufficient power, and increased fuel consumption. The service life of nickel-copper spark plugs is 10,000 kilometers, and the service life of platinum/iridium spark plugs is 30,000 kilometers. If the car owner buys a spark plug, he can also clean and maintain it himself or replace it with a new spark plug.

4. Tires

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

The replacement cycle is 30,000-40,000 kilometers!

Tires are the most easily worn-out parts of all parts, and the parts that touch the ground are prone to accidents. Especially when running on high-speed or mountain roads, there are great safety hazards. The general replacement cycle is 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. When the tire pattern has reached the wear indicator mark, it needs to be replaced in advance. When driving, try to keep the road as smooth as possible to extend the life of the tires.

5. Transmission belt and chain chain

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

Replace the periodic belt 50,000 kilometers or 4 years, and the chainring chain is 20,000 kilometers in 2 years!

Because the transmission belt is a continuously variable transmission, the impact force is relatively small, so the replacement cycle is extended. Because the chainring chain is used for gear cars, the impact and wear are relatively large, so the replacement cycle should be shortened .

6. Engine oil, gear oil

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

When changing, it depends on whether the quality of the engine oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil. The mineral oil is changed every 3000 kilometers, and the fully synthetic engine oil is changed every 5000 kilometers. The replacement cycle of the gasoline filter and the external steam filter is 10,000-20000 kilometers, and it is recommended that the oil pump be replaced by 60,000 kilometers.

7. Air filter element

8 kinds of motorcycle wearing parts Maintenance cycle

The replacement cycle is one year!

The time to replace the air filter element mainly depends on the external environment. Generally, the maintenance cycle of the air filter element is 10,000 kilometers or about once a year. In the case of severe smog, it is best to replace it in half a year or 70,000 kilometers. once.

8. Brake fluid

Motorcycle brake fluid

The replacement cycle is 50,000 kilometers or 2 years!

Expired brake fluid will emulsify and deteriorate, and eventually cause braking performance to decline or even malfunction. It is wrong to feel that the brake fluid has not turned black and the brakes are not soft and there is no need to replace them. Check its quality and performance in time according to climate, environmental conditions, seasonal changes and working conditions. Generally, the brake fluid is replaced after two years of use or 50,000 kilometers. When replacing it, it is necessary to find out whether it is DOT4 or DOT3.

At last:
The above maintenance period is only the theoretical use period of vulnerable parts under normal circumstances, and many motorcycle drivers tend to insist on using them until they are completely damaged before considering replacing them. In this case, it is very important to choose OEM motorcycle accessories. The service life of high-quality accessories far exceeds that of inferior ones. Regardless of convenience, driving safety and maintenance costs, high-quality accessories are a better choice.
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