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Development history of classic motorcycle model CG125

HONDA CG125 Motorcycle

CG125 is a classic model created by Honda and is very popular in many countries around the world, including China. How was this classic model CG125 developed? What is the development history of CG125 in China? How is CG125 currently performing in the global market? Let’s look at it in detail.

1. R & D history of Honda CG125.

In 1974, the world’s demand for motorcycles was in a period of rapid growth. Honda decided to develop a new model suitable for many developing countries, so they sent engineers to these countries for research. According to the engineer’s memory: we can often see a child sitting on the fuel tank, his wife It’s common to sit in the back and ride a motorcycle with two or four people. Many people load motorcycles with vegetables, chickens and pigs. I even see motorcycles dragging small pallet trucks. They will continue to ride even after the oil turns into sludge and the drive chain is loose to the maximum.
After the investigation, the engineer returned to the company to report and design a light-weight, OHV, in-line, single cylinder engine with a short ejector rod. After repeated discussion and comparison with other schemes, Honda R & D center finally adopted this scheme. So the engine of Honda CG125 was determined.

Development history of classic motorcycle model CG125

According to the principle of “practicality, daily use and easy maintenance”, CG125 was quickly developed and first put into the Brazilian market. When it went public, Bailey was invited to become an advertising spokesman. After the success of the Brazilian market, CG125 began to be launched in other countries.

2. Development history of CG125 in China.

When Honda CG125 began to be promoted in the world, China was just in the period of reform and opening up. At this time, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the rapid growth of the demand for motorcycles, CG125 was imported into China. Because of its affordable price, simple operation and convenient maintenance, it has quickly won the recognition of the Chinese market.

Development history of classic motorcycle model CG125

It is also called “platinum generation”, “platinum generation II”, “silver cat” and other names by lovers. At that time, who had a CG125 was more conspicuous than buying a luxury car in China.

After entering the 1990s, CG125 was rarely imported as a whole vehicle, but imported as parts and assembled in China. It was not until the establishment of new continental Honda in 2001 that it began to organize the production of CG125 parts. Many motorcycle brands have also begun to cooperate with local brands in China, such as Wuyang-Honda, jianshe-yamaha, haojue-suzuki, etc. More and more motorcycle parts are highly differentiated in China.

China due to many advantages, it has gradually grown into a major production and export country of motorcycle parts and complete vehicles with perfect manufacturing system and mature technology. Why are all through the Chinese motorcycle parts wholesalers to purchase motorcycle parts? Also mentioned in this article.

CG125 has excellent applicability and practicability for narrow and complex road conditions. With the gradual development of China’s motorcycle industry, the price of CG125 is gradually more acceptable while the output is increased. CG125 is very popular in China’s towns and urban fringe areas. At its peak, almost every family had one.

Development history of classic motorcycle model CG125

In recent years, due to China’s economic development, the improvement of living environment and policies, the development of Chinese motorcycle industry began to decline, and many people began to use electric vehicles and small cars to travel. But until now, there is still a great demand for motorcycles all over the world, including China. Spring Festival is the most traditional festival in China with the largest flow of people. Every Spring Festival can still see groups of riders with the satisfaction of hard work and money go home for the festival. Some riders even take their wives and children to live in other places and go home for the new year together.

3. CG125’s current performance in the global market.

Development history of classic motorcycle model CG125

CG125 is still a very popular model in many countries in the world. The CG125 is one of the most sold models. Many brands, including China, have produced this model. So far, China’s motorcycle parts foreign trade industry accounts for a huge shipment. CG125 is also constantly improving and introducing new models. The latest 2021 CG125 is available. The other CG150 is actually an upgraded and enhanced version of CG150. This is a model with a small displacement of 50cc to 1000cc. The main difference is that the carburetor of the intermediate cylinder piston ring valve clutch changes with the increase of displacement.

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