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The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles

Since the world’s four national standards for motorcycles, most of the motorcycles on the market are already in the era of electric injection motorcycles, it is fuel -saving, environmentally friendly, easy to start, and low maintenance rate is loved by the public. Under such circumstances, we can understand and master more conventional knowledge of the use and maintenance of electro -injection motorcycles.


The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles


Conventional use

In the process of using motorcycles normally, it is recommended that after opening the key, the gasoline pump in the fuel tank must be ends in order to start the engine normally. The purpose is to fully establish the fuel oil pressure on the fuel system of the Edar motorcycle.


System self -inspection

System self -examination: refers to the self -diagnosis and amendment of the motorcycle EFI system. The self -inspection process is automatically executed by the system and automatically solve the problem of discovery. For problems that cannot be solved automatically, the fault information is displayed on the dashboard in the form of a fault indicator, indicating that the current status and fault information of the electric injection system and the engine. It is required or solved by diagnostic equipment.

When starting, the fault indicator “Changliang” after turning on the ignition switch. When the engine starts, the fault indicator light is extinguished and the system is normal.


The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles


Replace the fuel filter

The following situations need to be replaced with fuel filter: the fuel filter time is more than two years and the mileage is more than 20,000 kilometers. The fuel filter needs to be replaced.


Air filtration maintenance

The intake system of electric injection motorcycles: It is mainly composed of air flow or pressure sensor and intake temperature sensor. It is a precise sensor element. Working under the conditions of cleaning the environment generally does not fail. Therefore, routine maintenance is mainly an empty filter filter.

1. The cleaning of the intake system should be maintained on a regular basis to remove the dust filtration in the air filtration, check whether the inlet pipe connector is aging and ruptured, and the installation is reliable to avoid leakage.

2. Check whether the air filter is blocked and damaged, and uses compressed air to be removed from the inside out to regularly maintain or replace the air filter core.

3. The sensor plug -in during maintenance should be connected. If there is damage, it should be replaced.

4. When cleaning motorcycles, pay attention to protection for precision electrical control elements to prevent water from watering. In particular, we must pay attention to moisture -proof to avoid the moisture corrosion of electronic control components and cause signal data loss.


Replacement of lubricating oil

Replace the engine lubricant to reach the oil exchange cycle. It should be carried out in the hot machine just stopped, so that the oil in the machine is fully released, and the lubricating oil replacement machine is filtered once twice. According to the technical requirements prescribed by the car, add the corresponding viscosity level to the lubricant. However, you must choose the lubricating oil of a regular brand. Otherwise, the engine will be damaged, and the machine will cause early wear.

If you add the amount of lubricating oil, you need to add the amount of oil on the engine, or add the lubricating oil to the observation hole scales by observing the hole lubricating oil. To replace the machine filter, you need to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, run the engine to stop, and then add an appropriate amount of lubricant to determine it in a reasonable range!


The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles


Cleaning festival valve steps

1. Use the inner wall of the throttle to clean the inner wall of the throttle, the throttle panel and bypass passage.

2. Rotate the throttle on the throttle and pull the plate to ensure that the throttle is pulled smoothly.

3. After the washing agent is volatilized, the throttle body assembly is reinstated.


The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles The maintenance of electric injection motorcycles


EFI system maintenance and maintenance instructions

Instructions for maintenance and maintenance:

1. During the test, use a digital multimeter to detect the Edar system.

2. Maintain the replacement component, please use genuine parts to ensure the normal work of the EFI system.

3. Non -professionals. During the maintenance process, it is forbidden to break down and disassembled the electrical injection system parts to avoid new faults after maintenance.

4. During maintenance, the electrical control unit, sensor, disassembling or installation need to be careful to avoid damage and collision.

5. Do not dismantle the parts of the Edaojet system from the installation position at will to avoid accidental damage or staining foreign objects such as water stains and oil stains into the plug -in, which affects the normal work of the Edar system.

6. Before maintaining the sensor to connect the plug -in, be sure to put the ignition switch at the OFF position, the power relay is disconnected, so as not to damage the electrical component or leave the fault code.

7. The oil supply pressure of the electric injection fuel system is very high. Even if the engine is not running, the fuel pressure still maintains high fuel pressure. Therefore, during the maintenance process, the fuel system is needed to degrade.

8. The fuel pump assembly is not allowed to work under dry state, otherwise it will reduce its service life. In addition, the positive and negative cut of the fuel pump cannot be reversed.

9. The idle speed of the electro -injection system is completed by the EFI control system without manual adjustment. The throttle limited screw of the throttle body has been adjusted when the manufacturer leaves the factory, and it is not allowed to adjust and change its initial position at will.

10. If the motorcycle’s electro -injection system is connected to the car body with a negative electrode ground, when replacing or connecting the battery, the positive and negative pole shall not be connected to avoid damage to the electronic component and cause other faults.

11. Add related electronic components and stay away from the electronic control ECU element to avoid unnecessary interference.