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Advantages and disadvantages The three types of chain transmissions, strap and transmission axis

For now, there are three main methods for driving motorcycles, the chain, belt and transmission axis is included. But, in each transmission system it will have different perspectives, also in the advantages and disadvantages they are different.

Today I will explain about three basic transmission systems.

Advantages and disadvantages The three types of chain transmissions, strap and transmission axis


1. Chain Transmission System (Detailed Wheel Gear)

The chain system is the most common motorcycle transmission system and is the most widely used, from bicycles to motorcycles.

The first reason is for the economic price, it is high in its efficiency and durability, so it is easy in its maintenance, adjusting the gear is like replacing the equipment easily.


Although the chains has its best advantage, but part of its disadvantage is also achieved, we know that a sometimes chain sounds very easy, increasingly if maintenance and repair are not done, it will soon be damaged, every time you have each time to adjust it. In addition, many chains should be cleaned regularly with chemicals.

Then the maintenance fluid or viscous oil for maintenance is used, this serves to extend the useful life of the chain transmission system, to avoid rusty corrosion.

2. Bells Transmission

A motorcycle is driven through a belt, it is the most common for high -end model of American cruise or prince, also from pedal motorcycles, for example such as Harley Davidson, Indian, etc.

This form of unit is closed, it serves to protect the soil and the intrusion of dirt. The advantage of the belt transmission system is to have a low vibration and sound. It is easy in its maintenance and repair.

The transmission system is relatively quiet and is also likely to avoid dust.

But the belt transmission system is also disadvantaged. Mainly the cost of maintenance and replacement, due to the complexity of the parties. It is difficult to replace, in that a specialized experience and tools for processing are needed.

3. Axis drive system

When we speak the axial drive motorcycles. In general, the most common is achieved in BMW exploration vehicles, such as the R1200GS model. Comparing with the previous transmission system, the advantage of this system is the most completely independent.


Therefore, if there is no internal failure or damage, it is not necessary to check the axis part, it is not necessary to do maintenance. He has a low cost in his maintenance. You just need to replace internal lubrication. Most internal parts have hardness, so when used it does not wear much in the system part.

In addition, the disadvantage of this driving axis system is difficult to get the cause of damage. Due to the complexity and dependence of the pieces, in which a problem is achieved will need a long time in their repair. So when damage is achieved it is a big problem in that.

For those who do not like speed, it is a disadvantage for them, it is the system to go through many stages at the time of execution, due to the direction of axis rotation, a horizontal pair will appear when the motorcycle is inclined in the opposite direction where the car turns to the axis, so the axis transmission is not suitable for high -speed models.