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A very important part of a motorcycle –bearings

Motorcycle on the active parts of the use of a lot of bearings, such as the direction column, before and after the hub, after the chain disk, bearing in the engine, is a precision component.Bearings produced by regular manufacturers are generally tested as qualified products when they leave the factory, but there are many inferior bearings on the market, which leads to many motorcycles changing bearings. It does not take long for the bearings to break down, especially when they are bad on the way, bringing great pain and inconvenience to the owners.So bearings must use qualified products, and to get the correct installation.

A very important part of a motorcycle --bearings

Common cheating means of inferior bearings:

1. Manufacture bearings with iron and carbon steel, or repair waste bearings.The first one will bring insufficient hardness of bearings, and the latter one will bring insufficient bearing accuracy.

2. The inferior bearings and small factory bearings are stamped with the trademarks of big factories, and the internal and external packaging boxes and certificates of big brand products are counterfeited.

3. Users, distributors, agents of counterfeit well-known brands, or even the spot sales department of counterfeit manufacturers.

4. Fake the official genuine bearing with defective bearing.

5. Use ordinary grade bearings to pretend to be high precision bearings.

6. Selling fake and official products.

7. Fake goods sell official genuine goods at high prices, and fake prices are applied.

8. If it’s cheap, give it to the fake. If it’s good, give it to the real thing.

A very important part of a motorcycle --bearingsSix ways to identify true and false bearings:

1.Is the outer packing box clear Under normal circumstances, the factory brands have their own special designers to design external packaging boxes, and arrange the production conditions of the factory to complete the production, so the packaging is particularly clear from lines to color blocks, without ambiguity.

2.Check whether the certificate of conformity is standard.For example, there is a watermark in the certificate of conformity of tile shaft, and there is still the word “ZWZ” in the watermark; There are anti-counterfeiting mark number and so on in the certification book of rockshaft.

3. Is the stencil clear Brand words, labels and so on will be printed on the bearing body. The font is very small, but most of the factory products are using steel printing technology, and before the heat treatment is completed pressing the word, so although the font is small, but concave deep, especially clear. And fake product font not only fuzzy, because of the printing technology rough, font floating on the surface, some even easy to erase by hand.
For example, if the steel mark on NSK bearing is touched by hand, it will not feel tactile, but if you scrape it with your nails, you can feel the existence of the steel mark, and the imitation bearing, the steel mark is either protruding or concave.

4. Look at the overall condition of the bearing. We should first look at the appearance quality, whether there is poor processing quality, circular beating is obvious; Is there turbidoil stains, domestic bearings have obvious oil stains and the taste of anti-rust oil, the original imported bearings can hardly see the traces of anti-rust oil; Is it genuine?  The CAK inner hole is not conical, and the 2RS has only unilateral seal and other obvious specifications and models.

5. Look at the metallic sheen.Bearing chamfering will not be polished after heat treatment. The chamfering of the official genuine product is quite smooth with gray metallic luster, while the fake product is either not smooth with chamfering, or the color is not gray metallic luster.

6. Listen to sounds.Hold the inner sleeve of the bearing around, and rotate the jacket with the right hand to listen to whether there is any noise.The biggest difference between fake products, which are manufactured with sand and other impurities, and which make noise when they spin, is the official version, which strictly meets production standards.

A very important part of a motorcycle --bearings

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A very important part of a motorcycle --bearings

Instructions for daily use of motorcycle:

Of course, correct installation and use are also important.In the process of motorcycle use, if the bearing ball cage falls off, the working face in the rolling groove appears irregular wear, spalling and rotation stagnation, most of the problems are related to the use and installation of bearings.

Motorcycle rear wheel bearing, load is large, if often overloaded, coupled with high salt in the rain road driving, easy to cause wear, affect the service life. So, don’t wait for the bad bearing to go to the outer edge to change, it will be too late. After the replacement of hub bearings, do not force into, if it is summer, the bearing can be placed in the refrigerator for a period of time, and then loaded will be better. The upper and lower bearings of the direction column, due to the failure of the front shock absorption, insufficient lubrication or improper fastening strength of the upper and lower bearings, cause ball breakage or peeling off the ball working surface, forming the direction of the steering or running off, affecting the safety of driving. When changing the direction of the bearing, it is necessary to check whether the shock absorption is good. If it is broken, it should also be repaired or replaced. Otherwise, the direction of the bearing is easy to break.

Bearing on the front and rear wheel and the chain plate, due to the owner in daily use, wading too deep or often wash the car, let the water enter the bearing, the grease in the bearing failure, gradually form rolling groove inside the bearing and ball bearing wear serious, clearance increases obviously, if the factory or sales before and after the wheel assembly too tight or too loose, over time, causing the instability of driving bearing binding or bearing displacement kuang. Ball cage damage or fall off, the formation of clearance is too large, so that the brake disc and wheel friction, increase the driving resistance, after the sprocket disc bearing, easy to water or adjust too tight too loose, will cause damage, so the owner of the car wash or deep pit should pay special attention to timely inspection and maintenance. If damaged after the replacement must be in place, adjust to the wheel rotation flexible, no obvious clearance prevail.

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that bearing damage is mainly caused by poor lubrication, improper installation, improper clearance coordination and harsh operating environment, etc. If it is not found or repaired early, it will cause great losses or affect driving safety. Therefore, please manufacturers, dealers, maintenance industry and car owners to pay attention to avoid such accidents.