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4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

MR-STRONG is a professional Chinese motorcycle parts manufacturing, wholesale and sales brand. It has been three years since 2018 to develop online sales channels.We will introduce it from 4 aspects.

1.Client group

4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

Some of MR-STRONG clients

In the three years of development, MR-STRONG always adhere to provide customers with stable and excellent original quality motorcycle parts, gradually trusted by customers all over the world.At present, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in South America .MR-STRONG is looking forward to developing win-win cooperation with more customers.

2.Service delivery

4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

MR-STRONG’s factory


4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

Some motorcycle accessories wholesale by MR-STRONG applicable? brands

MR-STRONG has more than 500 suppliers covering all types of motorcycle accessories.Our products are suitable for HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, ITALIKA, BAJAJ, TVS, HAOJUE, HAOJIN and other mainstream motorcycle brands.We provide one-stop purchasing service, you only need to provide an inquiry sheet.

3.Promotion platform

4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

YouTube video account by MR-STRONG

MR-STRONG launched its website mrsmp.com in 2018. Recently, due to the need of development, it has adopted www.mrstrongmotors.com as the main promotional site of the brand.MR-STRONG has opened a YouTube video account. We will update the production of motorcycle parts and the factory buildings and storage from time to time, product testing and many interesting videos. MR-STRONG also has a Twitter account.We will gradually open other social platforms in the future, welcome to pay attention to us.

4.Business development

4 aspects Introduce MR-STRONG brand

In addition to manufacturing, wholesale and selling general motorcycle parts, MR-STRONG also provides retail services of modified parts for KTM, BMW, KAWASAKI, BENELLI, YAMAHA and other brands as well as motorcycle parts problem solutions and related parts product development services. We also provide motorcycle wholesale services.

MR-STRONG is not only a motorcycle accessories wholesaler, but also a professional procurement, decoration and construction engineering service provider.

MR-STRONG is committed to providing satisfactory solutions and services to customers around the world.

Check out our service stations: procurement, renovation, engineering services

.If you need, you can contact us directly or send email to china@mrstrongmotors.com.