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A motorcycle spare parts manufacturer with standard and perfect supple system

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Chinese motorcycle parts suppliers, One-stop service is available



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Advantages and disadvantages The three types of chain transmissions, strap and transmission axis

Advantages and disadvantages The three types of chain transmissions, strap and transmission axis

For now, there are three main methods for driving motorcycles, the chain, belt and transmission axis is included. But, in each transmission system it will have different perspectives, also in the advantages and disadvantages they are different. Today I will explain about three basic transmission systems.   1. Chain Transmission System (Detailed Wheel Gear) The chain system is the most common motorcycle transmission system and is the most widely used, from bicycles to motorcycles. The first reason is for the economic price, it is high in its efficiency and durability, so it is easy in its maintenance, adjusting the gear is like replacing the equipment easily.   Although the chains has its best advantage, but part of its disadvantage is also achieved, we know that a sometimes chain sounds very easy, increasingly if maintenance and repair are not done, it will soon be damaged, every time you have each time to adjust it. In addition, many chains should be cleaned regularly with chemicals. Then the maintenance fluid or viscous oil for maintenance is used, this serves to extend the useful life of the chain transmission system, to avoid rusty corrosion. 2. Bells Transmission A motorcycle is driven through a belt, it is the most common for high -end model of American cruise or prince, also from pedal motorcycles, for example such as Harley Davidson, Indian, etc. This form of unit is closed, it serves to protect the soil and the intrusion of dirt. The advantage of the belt transmission system is to have a low vibration and sound. It is easy in its maintenance and repair. The transmission system is relatively quiet and is also likely to avoid dust. But the belt transmission system is also disadvantaged. Mainly the cost of maintenance and replacement, due to the complexity of the…

Kawasaki , Generac ,TVS,Honda (China) OEM Engine cylinder Manufacturing Factory Tour in China

Kawasaki , Generac ,TVS,Honda (China) OEM Engine cylinder Manufacturing Factory Tour in China

Today we are going to visit the SPEY intermediate cylinder factory SPEY is currently factory the general parts for motorcycle, car parts, coatings and electrical tools. Here the factory models is presented. Here was a moment in the company's history. Founded in 1994and started cooperation with XINDAZHOU HONDA in 2001, WUYANG HONDA in 2006, TVS in 2011, American Honda in 2014, GENERAC in 2017, and KAWASAKI in 2018. These are the new factories that will be built in the future. At the end of this year, the Thailand factory will be completed. Construction of China's Ningbo factory will begin in 2023. Shown here are the company's main cooperative customers: Since 2011, the company the company began to develop parts and components, and these are the main development parts. Motorcycle cylinder head, side covers boxes, cylinder blocks. Here is the raw material warehouse. We ensure that each batch of raw material aluminum ingots must be inspected. All raw materials are certified by EU standard RoHS and follow the principle of first come, first use. The work map for the material process is also made. Then all the materials are entered to the workshop, how to detect and how to process it will have a complete processing specification. After the inspection of the raw material of aluminum bulls is qualified, this oven will be invested to melt. After melting aluminum water, the following processing is done. Here is the waterfall workshop. This is a very important processing in the foundry. This is the cylinder housing. Then the cylinder set is heated to high, then it is placed in the accessory machine for the integrated cast iron. It may be that in the processing of the foundry you can achieve some problem. Each problem that appears is analyzed through the perspective of expression. A…

Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Factory Tour – How is Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Made?

Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Factory Tour – How is Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Made?

How is it produced? Let us walk into the QINGYUN rearview mirror factory to find out. The QINGYUN company for now has 70 rearview type models, its monthly production capacity is exceeded to four hundred thousand sets. The company has supported companies known as DAYE, HAOJIN, ZONGSHEN, QIPAI, LONCIN and have been recognized by most OEM. Here the work process is done for motorcycle mirrors. These are solids. In this device the process for the processing of the screws is done. Here is the injection workshop, mainly the mirrors are produced. In this process the reflective glass is processed. Those are the membranes for the explosions test, their use is to prevent glass from being easily broken, it is a very important process during the installation of mirrors. This is a seal for mirrors of rearview mirrors, that the rearview mirror and housing can be formed in a good buffer. Here is the line for assembling the mirrors. These are the new models of rearviews with LED lights, there are different models of retrovisors for motorcycles. En el futuro, QINGYUN va a propocionar más productos de buen calidad a los clientes de mundiales.  

Honda OEM Motorcycle horn Factory Tour – How is Motorcycle horn Made?

Honda OEM Motorcycle horn Factory Tour – How is Motorcycle horn Made?

The speakers is a signal system for the motor vehicle. When a crisis road is located, the speakers have its import warning, it has a strong sound, to have peace of mind when it is mounted. So how is the production of a horn in high quality? Let's visit the XINCHENG accessories factory. Today we visit and present to the factory of the production of XINCHENG speakers. Next, this is the assembly line of the speakers. This is a 200 -ton high pressure print press, you can make the stamped housing of the motorcycle horn, to the same quality. These are the raw materials for the production of the housings of the speakers, all steels is from Wuron and Baoosteel. The horn horses are made by the 200 -ton high pressure print press, the qualities are great. This automatic winding machine is for the speaker coil, the production of the coil produced has a qualified rate about 100%. In the warehouse place, the production of some small pieces of the speakers such as screws, springs and cards all these will be placed in the warehouse. The automatic production line is done for the whole of the speakers, when several pieces reach the machine, the automatic equipment is assembled, the consistency of the quality of the production of the speakers is guaranteed. The central pieces from the construction of the plant until today XINCHENG have never been changed, it has always cooperated with many brands such as Honda and Harquet. In the inspection room, the devices are used to detect the general network of the speakers, the current frequency and the sound. All these is used in professional test apparatus, in order to prove the void of the speakers. The hardness test is also done for the appearance of the iron…